Chemical Section

Role of Chemistry in Geology and Mining

  • Chemical Analysis is a deciding factor for the determination of the grading and quality of Geochemical Samples.
  • Environment Impact Assessment of mining can also be monitored.

Various Labs of Chemistry Section

  • Ore Dressing Lab
  • Fire Assay Lab
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Lab
  • Wet Lab

Ore Dressing Lab

In Ore Dressing lab, extraction of valuables from the gangue material is the main purpose. Geochemical Samples are converted into required mesh size suitable for chemical analysis. It involves two processes:

  • Comminution
  • Beneficiation


Big Jaw Crusher

Sample of 3-4 inch is converted to 2-3 cm size

Roll Crusher

Crushed sample of 2-3 cm is reduced to peanut size.


Peanut size samples are converted to required mesh size.

Agitator Roller

Mixing powder homogeneously in close circuit.

Vertical Grinder

Homogeneous mixture is achieved in close circuit.

Sieve Shaker

Percent determination of various particle size from the samples.


Centrifugal Classifier

Separating heavier from gangue materials or tailings from bulk samples

Denver Floatation Cell

Valuable minerals are separated from the gangue materials by froth floatation method

Pneumatic Classifier

Heavier Particles are separated from gangue materials using air

Induced Roll Magnetic Separator

Magnetic and Non-magnetic fractions are separated from bulk samples.

ISO Dynamic Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separation takes advantage of differences in the magnetic properties of minerals.

Fire Assay Lab

  • This lab deals with quantitative chemical analysis of precious metals determined by the use of heat and dry reagents.
  • Currently, Au is being determined.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) Lab

  • AAS is Spectroanalytical procedure for the quantitative determination of element using the absorption of optical radiations (light by free atoms in the gaseous state). It can analyse about 70 element of periodic table.
  • At present, base metals like Cu, Zn, Pb, Ni, Co, Ag, Au etc. are being analysed.

Wet Lab

Complete Oxides of sample are determined. The analysis Involves:

  • Loss on Ignition
  • SiO2 + Insoluble
  • Pure Silica
  • Metal Oxides (R2O3)
  • Calcium Oxide
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Sodium Oxide
  • Potassium Oxide
  • Titanium Oxide
  • Manganese Oxide