List of Regional Officers and Mining Officers

Sr.No. Name of District Name of officer, Designation   Email ID Contact No.
Regional Office, Agra Dr. Padum Kumar Singh, Geologist/Officer –In-Charge 8887534763
District Agra Ms. Shivi Singh, Mines Officer
Mr. Ashish Dwivedi, Mines Inspector 8887534764
District Mathura Mr. P.K. Singh, Mines Officer 8887534771
District Kasganj Mr. Paras Nath Yadav, Mines Inspector 8887534769
District Aligarh Mr.Anant Kr.Singh,Mines Officer 8887534765
District Hathras Mr. Jitendra Kumar Shukla, Mines Officer 8887534768
District Firozabad Mr. Ajit Singh, Mines Inspector 8887534767
District Mainpuri Mr. Manish Yadav, Mines Inspector 8887534770
District Etah Dr. Padum Kumar Singh, Geologist/Officer –In-Charge 8887534766
Regional Office, Prayagraj Dr. Vijay Kumar Mourya, Geologist/ Officer-In-Charge 8887534772
District Prayagraj Shri Anjani Kumar Singh, Senior Mines Officer 8887534773
District Banda Mr. Rajesh  kumar , Mines Inspector 8887534774
District Chitrakoot Mr. Raj Kumar Sangam. Mines Officer 8887534775
District Fatehpur Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Pandey, Mines officer 8887534776
District Hamirpur Mr. K.K.Rai, Mines Officer
Mr. Sunny Kaushal, Mines Officer
Mr. Jitendra Singh, Mines Inspector 8887534778
District Koshambhi Mr. Ram Padarath Singh, Mines Officer 8887534779
District Mahoba Mr.Shalendra singh,Mines Officer
Mr. Ranveer Singh, Mines Officer,
Mr. Ishwar Chand, Mines Officer 8887534780
District Pratapgarh 8887534781
Regional Office, Bareilly Shri Anurag Kumar Srivastava, Assistant Geologist
- -
District Bareilly Mr Kamal Kashyap, Mines Officer 8887534785
District Badaun Mr. Narendra Kumar, Tech. Asst. (Chemistry) 8887534784
District Shahjahanpur Dr. Abhay Ranjan, Mines Officer 8887534792
District Bijnor Dr. Ranjana Singh, Asst. Geologist 8887534787
District Amroha (J.P. Nagar) Mr. Ashok Kumar, Asst. Chemist 8887534783
District Moradabad Mr. Vashishth Yadav, Mines Inspector 8887534788
District Sambhal Mr. Suresh Kumar Lakda, Mines Inspector 8887534791
District Rampur Mr. Saurabh Gupta, Mines officer 8887534790
District Pilibhit Mr. Jeetendra Kumar Sharma, Mines Inspector 8887534789
Regional Office, Ayodhya Dr. Goutam Kumar Dinkar, Geologist, Officer-In-Charge 8887534793
District Ambedkar Nagar Mr. Prashant Raj Karan Yadav, Mines Inspector 8887534794
District Sultanpur Mr. Raghwendra Singh, Mines Inspector 8887534804
District Balrampur Mr. Sukhendra Singh , Mines Inspector 8887534797
District Shravasti Mr. Chandra Prakash Jaiswal, Mines Inspector 8887534803
District Basti Mr. Arjun Kumar, Mines Inspector 8887534799
District Gonda Mr. Shiv Dayal ||, Mines Inspector 8887534801
District Bahraich Mr. Raj Ranjan, Mines Inspector 8887534796
District Barabanki Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Mines Officer 8887534798
District Ayodhya Shri Jarnadan Prasad Dwivedi, Mines Officer 8887534800
District Amethi Mr. Raghwendra Singh, Mines Inspector 8887534795
District Siddhartha Nagar Mr. Naresh Kumar mahto, Mines Inspector 8887534805
District Sant Kabir Nagar Mr. Sunil Kumar Mourya, Mines Inspector 8887534802
Regional Office, Ghaziabad Mr. Raghvendra Saxena,  Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534806
District Ghaziabad Mr. R.B. Singh, Mines officer 8887534809
District Gautam Buddha Nagar Mr. Bhupendra Yadav, Mines Officer 8887534810
District Bulandshahr Dr. Deepak, Technical Assistant (Geology) 8887534808
District Baghpat Shri Shailendra Maurya, Mines Officer 8887534807
District Shamli Mr. Brijesh Kumar Goutam, Mines Inspector 8887534815
District Hapur Mr. Parasram Surendra Rambaran, Mines Inspector 8887534811
District Meerut Mr. Raghvendra Saxena, Asst. Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534812
District Muzaffarnagar Dr. Edal Singh, Asst. Geologist 8887534813
District Saharanpur Mr. Ashish Kumar, Mines Officer, Mr Mohd. Ayejaz, Mines Inspector 8887534814
Regional Office, Gorakhpur Dr. Raj Kumar Tantua, Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534816
District Azamgarh Mr. Vineet Singh, Tech. Asst (Geology) 8887534817
District Mau Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, Mines Inspector 8887534823
District Gorakhpur Mr. Subhash Singh, Mines Officer 8887534820
District Kushinagar Mr. Shiv Dayal Singh-I, Mines Inspector 8887534821
District Deoria Mr. Umakant, Mines Inspector 8887534819
District Baliya Dr. Yogendra Singh Bhadouria, Asst. Geologist 8887534818
District Maharajganj  Dr. Raj Kumar Tantua, Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534822
Regional Office, Jhansi Mr. Naveen Kumar Das, Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534824
District Jalaun Mr. Ranjeet Nirmal, Mines Officer 8887534825
District Jhansi Mr. Mohd. Mahboob, Mines Officer 8887534826
District Lalitpur Mr. Naveen Kumar Das, Geologist/Officer-In-Charge lalitpurdgmmo@gmail,com 8887534827
Regional Office, Lucknow Mr. Jai Prakash, Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534828
District Lucknow Dr.Sushil Kumar,Chemistry - 9415192648
District Etawah Mr. Brij Bihari Prasad , Mines Inspector 8887534830
District Auraiya Mr, Manoj Kumar, Mines Inspector 8887534829
District Farrukhabad Shri Rajeev Ranjan, Technical Assistant (Geology) 8887534831
District Kannauj Mr. Deshraj Singh, Mines Inspector 8887534833
District Hardoi  Mr Amit Ranjan,Mines Inspector 8887534832
District Unnao Mr. Anil Kumar Singh, Mines Officer 8887534840
District Kanpur Nagar Shri Ajay Kumar Yadav, Mines Officer 8887534836
District Kanpur Dehat Mr. Kunwar Bahadur Singh, Mines Inspector 8887534837
District Lakimpur Khiri Mr. Ajit Pandey, Mines Inspector 8887534834
District Sitapur Shri Sanjay Pratap, Asst. Geologist 8887534839
District Lucknow Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh, Tech. Asst. (Chemistry) 8887534835
District Rae Bareli Mr. Surendra Kumar Singh, Mines Officer 8887534838
Regional Office, Sonbhadra Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh, Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534841
District Chandauli Mr. Arvind Kumar, Asst. Geologist 8887534843
District Ghazipur Mr. Jitesh Kumar, Mines Inspector 8887534844
District Varanasi Mr. Vikas Singh Parmar, Mines Inspector 8887534848
District Jaunpur Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh, Geologist/Officer-In-Charge 8887534845
District Mirzapur Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Mines Officer 8887534846
District Bhadohi
(Sant Ravidas Nagar)
Mr. A.K. Yadav, Mines Inspector 8887534842
District Sonbhadra
Mr.G.K.Dutta, Mines Inspector 8887534847