Roles & Functions

Role of Directorate of Geology & Mining, U.P.

The directorate carries out geological and mineral surveys and detailed exploration of selected mineral deposits. It processes prospecting/ mining lease applications, carries out inspections and demarcation of mining areas, monitors mineral revenue and peruses mineral litigation. It advises the state government in matters of mineral development in the state. The directorate will:

  • Intensify exploration activity and promote such activity in the private sector for search for new mineral deposits including those in forest land.
  • Take up sponsored exploration for entrepreneurs at scheduled rates as well as consultancy in respective fields
  • Promote mineral development
  • Collect, analyse, compile and computerise data relating to minerals and make these available to entrepreneurs
  • Provide technical Know-how and facilities to entrepreneurs for scientific mining with environmental safeguards and mineral utilization
  • Provide laboratory and testing facilities to entrepreneurs at scheduled rates
  • Implement mineral laws
  • Monitor mining operations and ensure reclamation of mined areas, as well as safety and welfare of workers
  • Monitor the enforcement and collection of royalty and supervise over the utilization of infrastructure.
  • Strengthen the mining administration system.

In addition to the above jobs, a specialized cell would be created in the Directorate of Geology and Mining for carrying out the following jobs. This cell would also derive outside assistance as per necessity.

  • Promote development of minerals by analyzing available information for the purpose of capital investment.
  • Provide assistance in maintaining strict quality control at the operating mines.
  • Provide assistance in seeking foreign collaboration for import of technology.
  • Prepare techno-economic feasibility reports for mineral based projects and assist the government agencies and financial institutions in project appraisal and clearance.
  • Promote market development and research and assist in setting up of Mineral Estates in specific/ strategic areas.
  • Assist in setting up mineral processing units.
  • Organize seminars, exhibitions and publish literature for promoting mineral development.